Saturday, May 24, 2008

In honor of Jeremy Watson

So we're eating at a Japanese restaurant, right? And then Jeremy gets his miso soup, he dips his spoon into it, and brings up a single piece of tofu. Staring at it, he asks us, "What is this cube?"

And then this happens.


Jess said...

1) I doubt it actually happened like that.
2) Did you guys go to Igibon without me?!

Jeremy said...

Aw, that's sweet. A post just for me.

And Jess, yeah, that's pretty much exactly what happened. Really, though, I was just asking because I didn't know, not because I was grossed out or worried about what was in my food or something like I was immediately mocked about. Plus, I proved my gastronomical fortitude near the end of the meal when I braved the terrible wasabi.

Luke, did you make all those pictures (at least, in terms of the questions about the cubes)?

Dracula said...

sure did, Jeremy

yep, we went to iggibon. the main point of our trip was to see Indy 4, though. Did nobody invite you?

Alex said...

Having just returned from China and thus fallen prey to the terror of tofu, I sympathize with you, Mr. Watson.