Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On This Day - 1/30

On this day in history, many incredible things happened. I have compiled a short list (only twelve points!) of some of the more bizzare, cool, or just plain awesome historical events that happened on various January 30ths throughout history. They are in chronological order as follows:

- Oliver Cromwell is formally executed after having been dead for 2 years (1661).

- Antarctica is "discovered" by Edward Bransfield (1820).

- The first attempted assassination of a US President is carried out against then current President Andrew Jackson (1835). Both of the assassin's pistols misfired, and the man was quickly subdued by a 68-year old Andrew Jackson, his favorite walking cane, and the onlooking crowd.

- The most famous seamstress in the world, Betsy Ross, dies (1836).

- Future US President Franklin D. Roosevelt is born (1882).

- The Royal Canadian Navy is inaugurated (1911).

- Adolf Hitler is sworn in as chancellor of Germany (1933).

- Future US Vice-President and founder of the fourth branch of the government, Dick Cheney, is born (1941).

- Mahatma Ghandi and Orville Wright both die (1948).

- The Beatles last public performance is broken up by the police (1969).

- The first computer virus is written (1982). It was given highly meaningful name: "Elk Cloner."

- Future author of this blog, Drew Spickes, is born (1987).

21 years later, here I am. Harding, being the wonderful university that it is, did not allow me to make any stupid decisions that involve alcoholic beverages. Instead, I made a stupid decision that involved a mustache and wore one all day. It felt very empowering and very ridiculous.


Alex said...

And I missed it? I missed the mustache?

I feel incomplete and very sad.

Allen J P said...

I know I'm way late to the party on this post, but I've been waiting on you to write this for about three years now. Well done, Drew.