Sunday, January 27, 2008

We Are Now Open For Business

Welcome to Hobson’s Buffet. As you can probably tell, this is a blog. But there are a few things that make this blog different than your average bear, so let me tell you what we’re about.

We’re about being interesting. This blog has no specific intentions; we have no agenda to push, other than our own. We have no collective purpose, other than to inspire dialogue, both within ourselves and between you, the readers, and us, the writers. We want this to be a forum, and as such relish reader participation.

Who are we? We are, at the moment, four guys too busy, lazy, apathetic to keep a constant flow of content on our own blogs. We will use the tool of a collective blog to foster readership and allow us to go about our “real” lives with much less pressure added from trying to update regularly. And with more writers, you get more perspectives and more voices, which will hopefully make it more interesting all around, for us and you.

Specifically, we are Jeremy Watson, Drew Spickes, Alex Ritchie and Michael Crouch. We are all currently students at Harding University, and that’s one of the only things we have in common. Our interests are varied, so our blog will be as well. We will write about anything and everything that springs to mind: Religion and politics; humor and movies; video games, books, sports, funny videos we find on the Internet, ideas, dreams, life. And that’s just for starters.

So why Hobson’s Buffet? After a long, tiring process, in which we hit Wikipedia’s “Random Article” button many times and sat talking about everything from Greek mythology to horrible puns based on scatological innuendo, we had managed to eliminate several possibilities. Referencing Sisyphus only brought to mind a venereal disease, and after sitting next to Taco Bell for a while, all we could think of while trying to play off the Gordian Knot were Gorditas. Finally, we settled on Hobson’s Choice, because it eventually came down to picking that or giving up altogether. But we wanted something more unique, and because there are going to be multiple writers on this project, it’s more of a buffet anyways.

So, once again, welcome to Hobson’s Buffet, where the lines are short and the food is (fairly) warm. Come with a hearty appetite, or don’t come at all.


christopher said...

This promises to be an interesting site. Hope I'm correct in this assumption.

Look forward to seeing more of you guys around the blogosphere.

Joanna Benskin said...

Hehe, the title is amusing. I've subscribed and look forward to your future posts. :)