Monday, February 18, 2008

Online Game - Fulfillment

I recently Stumbled Upon this little game from The Sect of Homokaasu called Fulfillment. Basically, it's a Tetris-like game of filling a space with uniquely-shaped blocks. There are many difference from Tetris, however, that make this game tougher and fairly addicting. In the first place, the blocks in Fulfillment don't drop from the top of the screen. They sit on the side and you must drag them onto the board within a certain amount of time. You also cannot rotate them. The pieces you have are the ones you have to fit in. The game starts with a 3x3 square and 3 pieces to fit in. The first level is extremely easy, sometimes even having simply three 3x1 lines that you drag onto the board. As you beat each level, the dimensions of the box and the number of pieces you have increase by 1. So the second level is a 4x4 square with 4 pieces. The pieces also start increasingly being more complex than normal Tetris pieces, becoming longer or having weird chunks missing.

I have only reached level 8. The game's difficultly starts ramping up fairly quickly as you get so many pieces to manipulate. Many times all you need to do is just be able to look at so many pieces and figure out how they fit then get them on the board in time, but at other times you will have to place pieces and continually be adjusting and readjusting them to fit them all. Each game only takes a few minutes, because once the game starts, it doesn't stop until you lose.

Fulfillment's taken up a good little bit of my free time in the past couple of weeks, so be careful if you start playing. Another thing it shares with Tetris is how you want to start a new game as soon as you lose one.


-F- said...

it's alright...I also did the stumble on it a while back. It kept Drew and I occupied for a day or so at one point I believe. But we moved on to newer and greater things that randomly showed up on blogs like Wired.

My latest freeware/not so freeware addiction is Audiosurf. You should check it out.