Monday, February 4, 2008

Puppy Bowl IV

Last night, most of you watched at least some part of one of the biggest annual sporting events on American television, the Super Bowl. While I caught the beginning and the end of the game and was delighted with the results, the football game could not keep my attention for very long because I had very little interest in either of the two teams. So as my disinterest grew and not wanting to do any school work yet on that evening, I turned to the trusty TV Guide channel. Most of the entries were pretty dull - what can you expect when competing against the Super Bowl for ratings? - but one particular show caught my attention. Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl (Those with weak stomachs may want to abstain from following that link. It contains ridiculous amounts of nausea-inducing cuteness).

This was not just Puppy Bowl, however: this was Puppy Bowl IV. It is the fourth in a series that is presented as an alternative to the testosterone-infused, high-contact sport of football. It features about a dozen puppies in a football stadium-themed playroom with some toys and not much else. They are let loose to run around and play with one another while a "referee" looks on and cleans things up every once in awhile. In post-production, an energetic soundtrack is added and commentary is provided by Harry Kalas, the legendary voice of the NFL films. My description does not fully convey how mind-numbingly cute this show allows itself to stoop to being.

The action doesn't end when the play clock runs down though. Fans were able to vote online for a Most Valuable Puppy award, and a halftime show was provided by the BISSELL kitties. This whole affair really is something that has to be witnessed to be believed.

In a way, it is not surprising that this show has carved a small niche for itself beside the gargantuan audience of the Super Bowl. I know there are many females (and some males) who have absolutely no taste for football, but could watch puppies run around in circles all day without being bored. In a way, this is a brilliant and successful move by Animal Planet, and I think this point is emphasized by the fact that this is their fourth year running with the program.

In a way, I also think that its just a bunch of dogs running around a box; miniature football helmets or not.


Jeremy said...

I started to try and watch the video, but I had to turn it off a few seconds in when they made the first pun about the Super Bowl "going to the dogs." *shudder*

christopher said...

There's absolutely no way I'm clicking that link.

Kelsey said...

I watched it. It's disgusting. I don't know how anyone but old ladies and preteen girls could stand that.

Alex said...

I thought dogfights were illegal.

-F- said...

I saw this, it was rediculous. I watched about 10 minutes of it and all it was was 7 dogs commentary...just dogs playing. I kinda stared at the TV in disbelief. They got away with putting DOGS PLAYING on TV. Amazing.

It's like having thousands of people tune in to watch the happy rainbow of the "no signal"